Artefact Shard Candle Holder


A recycled brick, uncomplicated in nature but striking in form. This Artefact is right at home next to the bed, on a side table, or accompanying you during that well-deserved bath.

The brick is chipped meticulously in all the right places, then hand-washed & sanded.

A hole is then drilled, filled with cement and a steel pricket is set to stabilise the candle stick.

The Shard’s underside is then hand painted with our motif, and stamped. Silicone feet on the underside protect your surfaces from being scratched by the Shard. 

Includes a New Zealand-made beeswax candlestick in olive green.

Due to the production method, each Shard will vary in form.

Approximate Dimensions (excluding candle):
H 90mm  W 110mm   L 110mm